Just Released!

An eye catching and thoroughly interesting conversation piece, the Blaster used by Harrison Ford in the 1982 film Blade Runner is a Holy Grail prop that many swoon over and despite the hefty price tag of replicas, own. But how do you display such an interesting piece? Resting out on a table, or on a shelf doesn’t do it justice, not to mention the possible accidental drop it may take, and many stands available on the market just don’t offer a quality presentation. This display box is the answer. Built from solid cherry and stained with hand-mixed shellac harvested in India, this case offers a solution and a story. Complete with velvet inlay, custom plates, as well as a handmade Weyland ammo box, you will have a stunning and realistic backdrop for your Blaster Gun. Fitting all of the current Blaster Replica models, this case offers up a piece of movie making history presented in the perfect cinematic backdrop.




Available for a LIMITED time only!

(Photos by Jason Huselton, www.jasonhuselton.com)

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