Other Stuff


The Batman Begins armour was made in 2010 from chip-board and hot glue prior to receiving fibreglass and body filler. It will see service to a great charity for Costumed Heroes visiting children in hospital The concept drawings are mere examples of the ceaseless meanderings of my creative mind, simple…

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Prancing Pony


The Pony Sign was seen in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings, this sign was made from lightweight balsa wood, epoxy sculpting putty and polyester resin. The customer has requested a lightweight sign to hang in his basement.

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Blade Runner Display Cases


These cases were inspired by one made by world renowned artist Mark Raats (with his blessing) The idea being that the replica blasters for sale did not come with adequate means of display and protection, this solved both issues along with providing a display worthy of screen time in the…

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