About the Artist

I’ve had a love affair with model and prop building for over 25 years.

Growing up, watching shows like Batman and Star Trek, I was inspired to build at a very young age. I learned to use cardboard and hot glue as my medium, to make models and props by layering and patterning cardboard. Since then, I have expanded my materials of choice to include Metal, Wood, Fibreglass, Foams, Plastics and RTV silicone.

My life experience has brought a vast skill-set to my abilities as a Prop maker, from Carpentry, Construction and Drafting to Electrical and Hydraulics

Always having an interest in the artistic side of film-making, I attended Vancouver Film School for Art Direction in the Fall of 1999. I learned much in the way of concept design and fabrication, and have developed an insatiable desire to create, and as a result am constantly working doing something I love: Taking Ideas, and turning them into reality.

I thank you for your interest in My passion, and My website.


Brandon MacKay